Limited Scope Representation Agreement, LLC Formation

I, the client named below, hereby hire The Piatchek Law Firm, LLC, (“Attorney”, “Law Firm”, “we”, or “us”) to represent me in the formation of my Limited Liability Company in Missouri. 

(referred to as “I” , “me”, or “client” in this agreement)

I acknowledge that my representation by Attorney is limited to the formation of my limited liability company and what is stated in this agreement. 

I agree to all of the following terms:

1.            Specific Services Provided.

                A.   Scope of Services.  I understand that my services are limited the scope described in this agreement.  It does not include any tax advice, bankruptcy advice, any legal advice pertaining to anything other than LLC Formation, does not include any court appearances or litigation, or any other matters that are not explicitly agreed to in this agreement.  We earn 100% of the fee upon client agreeing to these terms.  It is client’s responsibility to have documents signed and/or notarized.

                B.  Specific Services.  Service provided to client shall include the drafting and filing of the Articles of Organization with the Missouri Secretary of State, drafting of an Operating Agreement for said Limited Liability Company, drafting first meeting minutes for said company, and obtaining a federal tax ID number if client should desire one. 

                C.   Additional Services.  No additional services, not mentioned above, are  included.

2.            Legal Fee. 

                A.  Initial Services.  Client shall be charged a flat fee of $_______ for the services referenced above, plus a filing fee of $50.50.  If we also provide Registered Agent for services for the LLC, we charge an additional $125 per year to provide this service, with the first year’s service being included in client’s upfront payment.

                B.    Registered Agent Fees.  If I choose to have Registered Agent services provided, the listed Registered Agent shall be 417 Agents, Inc.   The fee is $125.00 per year for registered agent services, and is due each year on the anniversary of the original LLC filing, with the first year’s payment being due today as part of the initial cost.  Should I fail to pay for registered agent services for more than 30 days after due, the parties agree that we may resign as Registered Agent and provide client’s current contact information, including address, to the Secretary of State as part of resignation forms, and client acknowledges that such information will be available to public.

                C.    Withdrawal of Representation due to Non-Payment of Fees.  In the event of my failure to keep all attorney fees and costs current with the Attorney, I acknowledge that the Law Firm may withdraw representation and I hereby approve of such withdrawal based upon any future failure of keeping my attorney fees and costs current. In the event of such withdrawal, I understand that I will be advised of the intent to withdraw of my attorney prior to the withdrawal occurring and I will sign all necessary documents to permit such withdrawal, and I will cooperate with any such withdrawal.

3.            Client Responsibilities. I, the client, agree to the following:

A.    To pay Law Firm as agreed in this agreement.

B.    To be completely honest with my attorney; if there is something I am not asked, but my attorney may need to know, I will inform my attorney.

C.    To fully cooperate with Law Firm in this matter, to use best efforts to respond to Law Firm communications promptly, and provide all information relevant to the subject matter of this agreement.

4.            Termination of Services.  Law Firm may terminate services if client is in breach of their obligations under this agreement, or must do so in accordance with the rules of professional conduct governing Law Firms. The client may terminate services at any time, subject to client’s contractual, financial, or other liability and duties to Law Firm for services rendered.

5.            Information to be Available to Client. Attorney will make client’s files available upon request.

6.            Termination of File.  Client agrees that Attorney may destroy client’s documents; including: messages, paper file, electronic file, and etc, after a period of one year from the last date of substantial service, and/or client discharge, whichever is sooner.

7.            Dispute Resolution. In the event there is a dispute regarding attorney fees or costs, the dispute shall be submitted to binding arbitration through the Missouri Bar Association.  In the event there is any other dispute regarding attorney’s services associated with this agreement, client agrees that any such dispute shall be resolved by a third party arbitrator that is agreed upon by both client and attorney. In either case, the prevailing party will be reimbursed by the losing party for all attorney fees and legal costs, or as decided by the arbitrator if the arbitrator makes any such ruling. 

8.            Complete Agreement. This agreement can only be modified with another written agreement signed by attorney and client.

9.            Severability in Event of Partial Invalidity. If any provision of this Agreement is held in whole or in part to be unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of that provision and of the entire Agreement will be severable and remain in effect.

10.          Effective Date of Agreement. The effective date of this Agreement will be the date of the last person to sign it. Once effective, this Agreement will, however, apply retroactively to all services provided by Attorney, regarding this or any related matter.

11.          Signatures. Both attorney and client have read and agreed to this agreement. Attorney has provided answers to any client questions, and has explained agreement to client’s complete satisfaction. The client may receive a copy of this agreement upon request. Any consent made by me, or electronic signature, shall carry the full force and weight of an original signature made by me on paper. 

12.          Guarantee of Payment.  I do hereby guarantee payment of all sums which become due and owing to the Law Firm as provided above. In the event that I do not pay such sums in a timely manner as provided above, the undersigned will pay such sums within ten days of presentment to the undersigned of the amount due and owing.